It's not easy being different...

But it is my passion!

I hear all too often that somebody has purchased a "therapy horse" from a well known breeder, and when the horse arrived at their house, it was untouchable.  They bought it because it was "the right size" for therapy work, but didn't take into consideration the massive amount of training it takes in early life to make it an actual "therapy prospect". It's MONTHS of handling the baby daily, exposing it to new things, desensitizing it to everyday events, and hauling it EVERYWHERE...in the trailer, in the car, up and down elevators, into nursing homes, etc. If you want a TRUE therapy horse, it HAS to come from a place where these things are done regularly. We start on day ONE with training, and we share daily on social media so that you can watch the progress of your foal. I have observation cameras running 24/7, and you can SEE how your foal is being trained and treated.