Kakos Finding the Sweet Spotz


Foaled: 6/3/2012               LP/lp PATN1/n             Ee Zn         30 inches
Sandy Oaks Sheza Smokin Revenge


Foaled: 5/18/2016       LP/n no PATN1         E/e Cr/n        28 inches
WI Black Label


Foaled: 1/20/20       lp/lp PATN1/PATN1        EE          26.5 inches
GMR Boogies Powder Puff


Foaled: 5/1/2012        EE/AA/CRCR solid         28inches
Mystic Rocks Spice It Up!


Foaled: 7/13/2020      EE LP/lp PATN1/PATN1  Expected to mature at 32-33